How To Turn Off Xfinity WiFi At Night In Just Few Seconds?

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How to turn off Xfinity WiFi at night is something that users often get to know about when they need to disable Xfinity WiFi at the night. To avoid unwanted calls or messages, users activate the bedtime mode. 

Users can disable their Xifinty WFi router on their own but sometimes even this task turns into a tricky one. At that point in time, you need to connect with an expert team. So, if you want to get all the details to finish this task, go through all the information which is shared in this article. 

Note: The WHO confirmed EMF radiation as a class 2B carcinogen and which produced by an active WiFi router. 

How To Turn Off WiFi At Night Xfinity?

There are multiple ways to disable Xfinity WiFi, but before exploring those, we need to understand how it is needed to turn your WiFi off. I mean which are those reasons which become the reasons behind turning off your Xfinity WiFi. 

  • If you want to sleep without the hassle and avoid, you need to disable Xfinity WiFi. 
  • In the case of data saving, users often turn Xfinity off at night because there is no need to activate your connection while sleeping. 
  • If you have any idea about EMF radiation, then you already know that we should stay away from these kinds of exposure and this is one of the causes for disabling Xfinity WiFi. 

How to Turn off Xfinity WiFi at night in no time

Various Set of Methods to Turn off Xfinity WiFi at night: 


Unplug WiFi when you try to disable it temporally. This is one of the simplest and most effective ways to off your modem or WiFi device anytime. To finish this task, you don’t need to learn some tricks, it is a very easy process so do it anytime on your own. 


 Some users also use a timer to shut down their WiFi, all they need is to set a particular time and it will automatically disable the WiFi connection at night. Using those timers is too easy and simple to handle. Just read a manual and start working on a device. 

 Xfinity users also can use their phones to operate WiFi routers and devices, so while sitting on your couch, you can turn off your at the night. Unlock your phone then go to the WiFi router, copy its web address and open a web browser. Now look for a shutdown option. 

We hope now you have found answers on how to turn off my Xfinity WiFi at night so from next time apply all these steps. 

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How can still be Connected after turning off WiFi at Night? 

 There is a fact which you should keep in mind and that is, you should know when you turn off WiFim then your entire Internet access will not be ended and you don’t need to stop it fully. Turning your WiFi doesn’t mean you cannot open the Internet, you still connect to the world of the unlimited Internet.  

Can you turn off WiFi through Xfinity? 

Yes for sure, you easily can turn on and off your WiFi just using verified applications installed on your device. You also can choose pause and resume period for a particular and scheduled offline time.  

How to Setup Internet Access Time Limits from a Router? 

Follow these prompts: 

  • Log in to your administration site and click on Select a Computer/ Device. 
  • Click on Add button then Refresh 
  • Go to Day(S) to Block section then select Time of Day to Block 
  • Click on Start and End respectively and enter the date 
  • Tap on Apply option. 


What is Wireless Gateway Admin Tool?

Wireless Gateway Tool is used to block various sites and keywords which may offer you trouble. The tool also can perform some other functions as well including resolving numerous bugs at the same so download and run this tool and encounter issues that may appear. 


What to do When Xfinity WiFi Stops Working at Night? 

There are multiple reasons behind Xfinity WiFi isn’t working which force you to ask why all this happening. Some of the main causes are wrong settings, overutilization of WiFi router and bad connection. 


How to Bypass Xfinity WiFi Block?

 Before performing any kind of task to bypass WiFi block, remember to check your Internet and ensure that the speed of the web is good enough. Now get ready to start the process on your own by following some steps: 

  • In the first step, install an additional WiFi router and connect to it by plugging it into a free port. 
  • Now search for WiFi network and try to reconnect 
  • If you have a laptop or desktop, then you should use a cable and plug it into the Xfinity router. 
  • Now enter the address of your preferred device and some sort of information including manufacturer name and grant permissions to finish the bypass process.  

Final Thoughts- 

We have crafted this piece of the content after creating proper research and mentioned a lot of new and advanced kinds of information so, when you read this blog post completely, you get to know that How to turn off Xfinity WiFi at night. This is just a simple process where the most important thing you need is focus and various practices. 

For more detailed information, you may connect with Internet Homes experts through a toll-free digit and grab everything you need to explore about Xfinity WiFi right away.