How to Enable WPS Button on Spectrum Router?

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wps button on spectrum router
Spectrum routers are famous for their excellent high-end performance and impressive speed. The Spectrum router is equipped with a WPS button that helps to connect to their WiFi devices. However, you have to enable the WPS button on Spectrum router because it is disabled by default. This blog will cover all the information about the Spectrum router WPS button. Just stick to the blog.


What does WPS Button on Spectrum Router Mean?

The WNS WiFi Protected Setup was released in 2007 on the Spectrum router. You might see it on the router as a push button, WPS written on it. It is responsible for connecting your devices and making your WiFi connections safe and secure. It mainly works for encrypted wireless networks with high-security protocols such as WPA or WPA2. Moreover, these protocols are password protected, which means the WEP protocol will not support the WPS feature. That makes it easy to hack or misuse.

So, if you are concerned about security, you must have the router with the WPS button. It also has fantastic benefits that make you more secure.


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Benefits of WPS Button on Spectrum Router?

Spectrum routers are well-designed and have an effective function with the WPS. Below are some other benefits of enabling it.


  • When you enable it, it avoids issues like typos.
  • You don’t need to remember the password. 
  • It has an SSID feature (Service Set Identifier).
  • The key is randomly created and less predictable, decreasing the risk of network intrusion.
  • It automatically configures the wireless network.
  • Transmit sensitive information with EAP (Extensible Authentication Protocol).


Now, after knowing about the advantages, let’s move to the enabling process. But before that, let’s examine whether your router has the WPS button or not.


Where is the WPS Button on My Router? 

  • It is mainly at the back of the Spectrum router. 
  • You have a virtual enable option if it’s not physically there.
  • If there is no WPS button on router, read the user manual that comes with the Spectrum router. 


How to Enable the WPS button on Spectrum Router? 

After locating the WPS button now, it’s time to enable it. We are providing you with a step-by-step procedure to avoid any confusion. Make sure that there is no typical internal server error. Follow the steps: 


  1. Turn your Spectrum router and press the WPS button.
  2. Hold it for 3-5 seconds and then release it.
  3. It will power on with a flashing light.
  4. After that, check the network menu settings for the WPS feature.


Now, you know how to enable the WPS button, but sometimes, the WPS feature doesn’t work after enabling it. For this, we also have a solution; go through the next section.


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What to do When WPS Button on Spectrum Router not Working?

No matter how advanced the program is, it still has glitches. If the WPS feature is not showing in the network menu, turn off the router for 30 settings and restart it. After that, follow the above solution once again. If it doesn’t operate, then follow the given steps:


  • Firstly, log in to your router with the default ID and password.

Note: The default ID and password are at the back of the router – username as Admin and password admin. 

  • Now, you are connected to the default network.
  • From the default network interface, search for the Wireless Settings option.
  • After that, use the arrows and click on them.
  • The WPS button will blink on the Spectrum router when clicking Wireless Settings.
  • The router starts flashing, which means the WPS feature is working, and you are ready. 


Now, you can connect your wireless devices without glitches with a fast and secure internet connection. 


But, as with other programs, the WPS features also have some disadvantages, which we explain in the following section.


Disadvantages of WPS Button on Spectrum Router


  1. Some Spectrum routers developed before 2007 don’t have the WPS feature and enhanced security.
  2. The Non-WPS device users enter the long hexadecimal password.
  3. As the WPS technology is new, not all devices compatible with it. 
  4. Hackers can easily hack it. 
  5. Don’t keep your personal and financial data on the PC. 


Finishing Up

The WPS feature is the best for the home network if you don’t keep sensitive data on your devices. As it is majorly used in the home network, we have to use the password to connect the devices. With the WPS feature, you don’t have to do it again and again. So, with this blog, we present you with the steps to enable the WPS button on Spectrum router. If somehow, your WPS feature is not working, we also mention steps for that.


However, if you cannot turn on the WPS feature, dial +1844-244-1311 and contact Internet Homes‘ Spectrum router experts. They will guide you on the WPS feature. Thank You!