How to Reset Linksys Router Password and Keep Your Wireless Network Safe

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How You Can Reset Linksys Router Password

Passwords are an essential part of the admin interface of the Linksys router. You should always maintain a strong password that no one can break. But often, people either forget their password or don’t know how to reset Linksys router password. Don’t worry. In this guide, you will understand exactly how you can reset the password of your router and protect your network.


How to Password Protect the Linksys Wireless Network of Yours?

You can easily access the web interface and control the Wi-Fi network settings of your Linksys router. If you’ve forgotten Linksys password, you can reset it from the web interface. For it, you need to log in to your Linksys account. Follow these steps for it.

  • Launch a browser and type in on the address bar.
  • Hit Enter, and you’ll find the Linksys web interface.
  • Input your username and password in the needed fields and tap ‘OK.’


At times, you may find yourself unable to get to the web interface of this router. It implies that someone has changed your router’s IP address, which you can see through the Command Prompt. There’s also the possibility of an unauthorized person modifying your account password. In the subsequent section, you’ll find how you can know the changed IP address of your router.


The process of finding your router’s changed IP address

To know the changed IP address of your router, you need to launch a command prompt on your PC or computer. Follow the steps below.

  • Input the command ‘ipconfig’ in the window of ‘Command Prompt.’ Those who are using Windows 8.1 should press the keys of ‘Windows + X.’
  • Now hit Enter to finish. You’ll see your network information on the command prompt’s screen.
  • Check your Linksys router IP address in the section of ‘Default Gateway.’ You can use it in your system’s web browser to access your router’s web interface.


How to choose a secure encryption format for your Linksys router

For choosing a secure encryption format for your router, first, select the ‘Wireless Security’ sub-tab below the admin interface’s ‘Wireless’ tab. Now you can select any security mode from the drop-down box of the ‘Security Mode.’ Usually, WPA2 is a very secure encryption format and gives sufficient protection to users. On the other hand, WEP does not offer as much security.

If you want Linksys router password change and set a strong password, do the following.

  • Choose ‘AES,’ which is the most current encryption standard from the dropdown box of ‘WPA Algorithms.’
  • If you use an earlier Linksys router version, choose ‘TKIP+AES.’
  • Now, into the ‘WPA Shared Key’ fields, type in a wireless password. Ensure that you are creating a strong password that is difficult to break. Setting a strong password will reduce the chances of your account becoming a victim of security breaches.
  • Now, tap the button of ‘Save Settings‘ for applying the new settings to your Linksys router.


The Steps for Changing the Administrator Password for Your Linksys Router

You can change the administrator password for Linksys router and add a final security layer to your device. For it, log in to the web interface and do the following.

  • Navigate to the ‘Administrator‘ tab.
  • Fill in a new password and confirm it.
  • Lastly, tap ‘Save Settings’ to reset the router password.



How to Reset Linksys Router Password to Factory Defaults?

In case you don’t remember your router password, you need to reset the password to factory default settings. For doing it, hold and press the reset button for around 10 seconds. If you have an older Linksys model, you may need to hold and press the reset button for 30 seconds. Remember that a router reset to the default factory settings will also result in resetting your router password.

Your router’s default password is ‘admin.’ You can leave the field of username blank. Another important point to note is ensuring that the router’s Power LED blinks when you hit the reset button. It signifies that the router is resetting correctly. After you press the reset button, unplug the router and then replug its power adapter.


The Process to Reset the Router Through the Web-based Setup Page

For beginning the process of Linksys router password reset through the web-based setup page, you first need to access the setup page. Follow these instructions.

  • Open your web browser, and in the address bar, type Hit Enter.
  • Input your login credentials in the relevant fields. ‘Admin’ is the default password.
  • Tap the ‘Administration’ tab. Now tap on the ‘Factory Defaults’ sub-tab.
  • Under the section of ‘Factory Defaults,’ tap ‘Restore Factory Defaults.’
  • After you reset the router to its default settings, you must reconfigure it as per your internet service.
  • The router’s Power LED will continue to blink for some time after resetting. It’s because it’s attempting to stabilize. But if you find the power light continuing to blink even after a minute has passed, you need to power cycle the router.


The Steps for Changing the Password through the Online Setup Page of Linksys Router

You can easily reset Linksys password by accessing the internet-based setup page of this router. Go to the setup page and follow the steps below.

  • Navigate to the ‘Administration’ tab.
  • Below the ‘Management’ section, fill in your new password in the ‘Router Password’ field. After that, confirm it by entering it again.
  • Tap ‘Save’ to save all your settings.
  • You should always use a combination of letters and numbers for your password. 



Final Words

If you want to secure your Linksys wireless network and keep it away from unauthorized access, you should know how to reset Linksys router password. Implement the processes described in this article to reset the password. If you find any problems in executing the password reset process, connect with Linksys technical support. The professionals will fix all issues you may face while resetting the password.