What is the best way to fix the Netgear won’t connect to internet issue?

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If Netgear won’t connect to the internet, basic troubleshooting can often fix the problem. Troubleshooting your Netgear modem includes a few simple steps to power cycle, reset, and verify connectivity. In some cases, the problem is not the modem itself, but the external Internet service. But the Netgear WIFI user might not be aware of the key ways to fix the hindrance. Hence, this post brings the effective ways to fix the hindrance if Netgear wireless adapter won’t connect to the internet

Netgear wont connect to internet


Possible causes that affect Netgear wireless adapter functions


Unstable or no internet connectivity 


If there is unstable or no internet connectivity, the Netgear wireless adapter won’t connect to the internet. 


Fault in the USB


Another reason for Netgear won’t connect to the internet can be none other than the malfunction in the adapter connected. 


Router issues


There is a potential reason for Netgear not connecting and it is none other than the issue with the router. This is one of the usual reasons that cause interference in connecting Netgear WIFI. 


Issues with the adapter

Last but not the ultimate one, the issue with hardware that is adapter can obstruct the Netgear WIFI to connect and let the user use the internet in a hassle-free manner. 


Troubleshooting steps to fix Netgear won’t connect issues


Now that you are aware of the probable reason for the issue Netgear won’t connect, follow the tips to fix the trouble. 


Perform a power cycle. 


The power cycle is surprisingly effective in resolving intermittent connectivity issues. In some cases, simply resetting your Netgear router may work. Unplug the power cord and turn off the Netgear modem. Wait for all lights to go out, let the modem idle for a few minutes, and make sure all power is drained from the system. 


  • Restore power and wait for all lights to return to normal. Make sure the internet connection light is on. 
  • Turn on the device and check the connection. Simply wait for a moment to get the result.
  • In case you do not find Netgear WIFI connected, there is a chance that the connection is blocked due to other reasons.  
  •  Hence, opting for a second power cycle reset may bring the resolution to Netgear won’t connect to internet hindrance.  

In case the issue is fixed with the above steps but Netgear won’t connect to the internet issue persists with regularity and the power cycle temporarily fixes the problem, this can probably mean the Netgear modem requires replacement. However, before doing the replacement of the modem as the initial step will not be a wise decision. 


Check the Cables 


Connectivity issues may be because of loose cables or a bad cable connection. Locate the power cable and make sure it`s tightly plugged on both ends. It is probably possible that the loose cable will lead to cut the connection out then return as the power reaches the modem. Further, the poor connection at the wall socket will do the same. Hence it is advised to try a different wall outlet. The Netgear user must ensure the wireless WIFI has a stable supply of electricity to the modem. 

Once you check the power cord for safety and ensure that the modem is demonstrating a stable connection, move to the Ethernet cord. Make sure that both ends of the Ethernet cable are securely connected. Loose Ethernet cables can make connections difficult. Ethernet cables can also wear out and deteriorate, and replacing worn cables may resolve the issue. If the cable is in good condition and the connection is secure, there is another problem with the modem. Continuing the troubleshooting process may resolve the issue, but replacing the modem may be the best option. 


Contact the network 


Contact your service provider to ensure that your network is working properly before you consider your modem to be defective. If the network fails, Internet services will be disrupted throughout the area. If the network goes down, it means that the modem is not the cause of the problem. In this case, you will have to wait for the service provider to restore the Internet to your network. If the network is healthy and the router continues to fail without a cycling solution, the problem may be with the router hardware.

The only exception, in this case, is a device that does not have router firmware installed to accept the network. If the router is actively in use and the connection fails, the router is the cause of the problem. When the device is used for the first time in the network, it is often necessary to install the firmware on the primary computer. 

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Final Word

As the last step, ensure that the firmware is updated. Uninstalled updates can disrupt service and cause Netgear won’t connect to internet issues. The computer should trigger update notifications automatically. For this, click on the notifications and get the update. Otherwise, your Netgear WiFi not working issue will persist. If the issue is still persistent, approach the support executive and get immediate and long-term assistance.