How To Fix Netgear Router Keeps Dropping Internet Issue?

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Netgear Wi-Fi routers are extensively utilized for consumers as well as commercial purposes. It is however famous for its astounding features which actually make them unique and productive. Even, it is also true that you will be offered a wide range of Wi-Fi connectivity if using a Netgear router for wireless connection. Although the Netgear networking devices are the perfect choice especially when it comes to high-speed wireless connection, several issues may happen. Many people have recently complained that their Netgear Router Keeps Dropping the Internet all of sudden. Nothing is more annoying than getting the Wi-Fi router disconnected from your operating device. Luckily, there are many solutions available to cope with this problem soon. In this post, we discuss the reason for its appearance and a suitable fixing guide. Hence, to resolve your network problem read properly from top-to-toe.

Fix Netgear Router Keeps Dropping Internet Issue


Why Netgear Router Keeps Dropping Internet?

Many reasons are responsible for dropping a strong internet connection between the Netgear router and your operating device. The feasible causes for which Netgear Router Drops Internet Connection Periodically are enumerated underneath. Take a glance at once:

  • Maybe it happens due to external interference. The device will probably get confused while connecting to the internet.
  • Because of the inappropriate configuration of Wi-Fi network settings.
  • Outdated firmware sometimes triggers Netgear Router Keeps Dropping the net connection problem.
  • The computer system is probably not in the range of your router connection.
  • Netgear Router Keeps Dropping Internet if there is a hardware problem like physical damage, dust, or overheating.

Now that you might have clearly known what is wrong with your Netgear router why it is dropping the connection. After knowing the actual facts of the Netgear Router Keeps Dropping Connection problem, you may proceed with the fixing methods. Give a brief glimpse of the effective troubleshooting tips and tricks to instantly solve your Wi-Fi network disconnecting problem.


Effective Methods To Fix Netgear Router Keeps Dropping Internet Issue

In the beneath section, we provide the easiest and most efficient troubleshooting methods. So, if your Netgear Router Keeps Dropping Internet connection, implement the provided course of actions one by one. It is suggested to not continue with the next solving procedure once the Netgear router disconnection problem is resolved. Now, let’s begin to follow!


Method 1: Make Sure Your Computer Is In Range

If your device is out of range from your router’s coverage, you will definitely lose your wireless connection. In such a scenario, what you are required to do is check the antennas of your Netgear Router. Make sure they have not landed on the floor otherwise it will ultimately reduce the range and prevent the device to be connected. Thus, give assurance that the device is obviously in range with the network and then test Wi-Fi. If still Netgear Router Drops Internet Connection, move to the next method.


Method 2: Confirm Nothing Is Blocking The Signal

When Netgear Router Keeps Dropping the Internet and losing connection, most probably there is an object constantly interfering with the network. Thus, we recommend checking your router and do not place the router on the floor. Moreover, you should not place it on top of your desk otherwise electronic devices could interrupt and result in connection losing problems. Make sure that no object is overlapping your Netgear router.


Method 3: Update Netgear Router

Your Netgear router may often lose wireless network connection if it is not updated. Thus, check your router immediately for its current released version and install the update if available. Here’s how you can update your router for a smooth connection:

  • First, open the Netgear router app that you have downloaded from the Google Play Store on Android and Apple Store on iPhone.
  • Now, please check login status, and provide the Netgear account information to log in.
  • After logging in to your Netgear account, go to the “Menu” option.
  • Select the “Settings” option and then click on the “Firmware Version” tab.
  • Now, opt for the “Firmware Update” option.
  • Finally, click on the “Check for updates” tab.
  • If there is any firmware update available, it will appear on the screen. You just have to install the updated version of firmware for your router.

Updating the firmware router may eradicate the Netgear Router Keeps Dropping Internet error. If the same issue still persists, move to the next solving method.


Method 4: Hard Factory Reset

If the device is still losing connection from your Netgear Wi-Fi router, quickly perform a factory reset. Here’re the proactive steps for Factory reset:

  • Open your preferred internet browser.
  • Browse the official “” link.
  • Afterward, log in to your Netgear account using the correct credentials.
  • Thereafter, go to the “Advanced Settings” tab.
  • And then, select the “Network Settings” option.
  • Afterward, choose “Wi-Fi” and select a network.
  • Take an image of all “Wi-Fi Settings.”
  • Now, navigate to the “Reset” tab.
  • Finally, choose the option of “Reset to Factory Settings.”

Your Netgear router will thereafter restart automatically and recover to default factory settings. Once the factory reset has been successfully done, all settings, configurations, and data from your router will be deleted. You can even reach inside the Control Panel and configure your Wi-Fi network settings correctly. This could be fruitful in fixing the Netgear Router that Keeps Dropping internet issues.


Method 5: Modify Wi-Fi Channels

However, it is the harsh truth that each Wi-Fi network uses its own personal network channel. So, you need to change Wi-Fi channels to avoid interruptions. Here’s how you can do it so:

  • First, open the “Netgear Control Panel” window.
  • Now, go to the “Wi-Fi Networks” option and then select the network you want to configure and change the channel.
  • Now, click on the drop-down menu to pick any channel.
  • After changing the channel, restart the Netgear router now.
  • Hopefully, this will help you resolve the Wi-Fi network outages problem.

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