Netgear Router Lights on But No Internet? Fix the Problem

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Netgear routers are the most high-performing ones that millions of people use. Although the router works fine most of the time, at times, people can get certain internet issues. Many people report noticing Netgear router lights on but no internet. It means that the router is working, but there’s some issue interrupting the internet. If you find the Netgear router working, but there is no internet accessibility, do not ignore the possibility of the manufacturer having stopped the internet. It can also be that one of the networks is encountering problems. In this article, you’ll learn more about this problem and how you can fix it.

Netgear Router Lights on But No Internet

What do the Different Lights in Netgear Router Mean?

Before you try fixing the Netgear connected no internet problem, it’s best to understand what different lights flashing on the router mean. By seeing the lights, you can properly tell the status or condition of your existing internet connection. For example, a general indicator of the internet cable is the network globe icon light. If it’s on, it implies that your router is linked. But the lights cannot pinpoint if the internet is coming via the cable. Here is the meaning of the different lights you see on your router.


  • Greenlight flashing – Green lights are always an indicator of no issues on your internet. But often, router users may find green light flashing but no internet connection. In this case, you’ll have to follow the various measures in the subsequent section.
  • Orange light flashing means that the router is either not linked through the internet cable or there’s no internet coming via the cable. 
  • No lights flashing – If you find no lights flashing on the router, it means the device isn’t functional. You must reconnect all the cables again.


Ways to Resolve Netgear Router Lights on But No Internet Problem

Before proceeding with the various techniques, you need to find whether there’s some problem with your Wi-Fi or there’s no internet via the Ethernet output. To find it, link your system to your router through the Ethernet cable. Now, see if there’s the internet. If there’s no internet through Ethernet connection, your Wi-Fi won’t have any internet. But, if there’s some problem with your Wi-Fi, you should inspect the interference and reconfigure network settings. 


Use the 30-30-30- method.

This method power circulates your device by conducting a clean hard reset. Follow these instructions to fix the Netgear router connected no internet


  • Make sure that your router is functional. There must be at least one blinking light.
  • Keep holding the reset button for half a minute.
  • Take away the router from its power source for half a minute.
  • Now, plug the router back and keep holding the reset button for half a minute again. 


Disconnect all devices. 

If you’ve many devices linked to the home network but are not much used, you should keep them disconnected from the home network. It will minimize resource usage. Even when they are turned off, the device still utilizes a proportion of network resources. It is especially true if they are getting any updates. So, it’s best to just turn off the Wi-Fi to disconnect all these devices from the home network. 

Disconnect every one of the devices, leaving the one you’ll be testing. When you have done that, test the internet connection. 

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Update the firmware of your router

If you find the Netgear router connected but no internet or its lights are on but you are not getting internet, you may have outdated firmware. To update it, you will have to enter the Control Panel. Do so by following the steps below. But before that, ensure that the system you are using is connected via Wi-Fi or Ethernet to your Netgear router. 


  • Launch your internet browser.
  • In the search field, input
  • Hit enter to sign it. Now enter by inserting your Netgear account. 
  • When you are inside the control panel. Navigate to the ‘Update‘ tab. 
  • Inspect for ‘Firmware Update‘ and start installing it. 


When the process ends, the router will start again. There should not be any internet outages. 


Restart the device and check for the internet

If the issue still isn’t resolved, you must restart the device you are using and verify the internet. It’s because the problem can be from the device and not the Netgear router. Use a different device to link to the Wi-Fi. You can have two devices testing the Ethernet connection and the Wi-Fi connectivity. Lastly, check that there are no electrical devices or big metal objects around the router. These items interrupt the router and affect the internet connection.


Factory reset the Netgear router

After you have checked that there is no internet on the Ethernet router’s output and the Wi-Fi, it’s time to perform a factory reset. A factory reset will probably resolve the issue if you still notice that you are connected to Netgear but have no internet. Start by either pressing or holding the reset button present in the pinhole. You can also perform the factory reset by using the ‘Control Panel’ of Netgear or the mobile app. Here is how to factory reset your router with the Netgear app. Before factory reset, take images of the way you’ve configured your Wi-Fi settings. They will be gone after you perform the reset.


  • Launch the app on your phone and navigate to the ‘Menu.’
  • Then tap the ‘Settings’ tab and navigate to ‘General.’
  • Scroll down till you locate the ‘Reset‘ feature.
  • Tap it and choose the full system to erase.

Once ready, you must set the Wi-Fi from the beginning.  

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Final Words

After reading the article, you’ll know what to do when you notice Netgear router lights on but no internet. Follow these effective fixes and get the problem resolved. But if you still find the issue persisting, get expert customer support help. The professionals will resolve all router-related matters quickly.