What Steps to Take on Finding Linksys Router Not Connecting To Printer?

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Linksys router range is utilized by people worldwide to benefit from high-speed internet. When you connect a wireless printer to this router, you can print from anywhere in your house. But you can print conveniently from your system only when you are connected to the home network. Establishing a connection between your printer and Linksys router is a simple process. Although Linksys gives an easy setup, many users can face trouble in connecting the router to the printer. If you find your Linksys router not connecting to printer, this article is for you. You’ll find various fixes through which you can easily link the router to the printer. 

Linksys Router Not Connecting To Printer

What to Do on Finding Your Linksys Router Not Connecting to Printer?

You can do multiple things if you find yourself in this situation. Keep reading to discover how you can enable your router to connect back to your printing device.

Install Linksys Connect software on the system

First, you should install Linksys Connect setup software for PC. Put the setup CD on the CD drive of your system.

  • Tap ‘Run.’
  • Go through the ‘Software End User License Agreement’ and tap ‘Next.’
  • After going through the guidelines on how to link the modem and the power cable to your router, tap ‘Next.’
  • Choose ‘Yes, install Linksys Connect.’
  • Tap ‘Next.’
  • Type in the password screen of the router in the field and click ‘Next.’
  • Tap ‘OK.’
  • Finally, tap ‘Done’ on the main menu of Linksys Connect.
  • Remember that you’ll have to disable any firewall software temporarily for completing this process. 

Update the router firmware 

If the Linksys router doesn’t work properly, you cannot connect any machine like a printer to it. So, it is important to install the newest firmware version on your router. The issue of the Linksys router not connecting to printer will get resolved once you install the latest firmware. To manually upgrade the router firmware, follow these steps.

  • Download the firmware from the support site of Linksys to a destination folder on your computer. The firmware format may be .bin, .img, and .bix.
  • Open a web browser, and on its address bar, type in Then hit Enter. If you find the IP address not working or modified, inspect the local IP address of your router.
  • Fill in your login credentials. Admin is the default password of your Linksys router. If you changed this password, use the new one.
  • Tap ‘Administration’ and then go to ‘Firmware Upgrade.’
  • Click the button ‘Browse.’
  • Find and choose the file that you have downloaded from the Linksys support site and tap ‘Open.’
  • Click the button of ‘Start Upgrade’ or ‘Upgrade.’ Never turn off the power of your router when the upgrade process is underway.
  • Click ‘Continue’ after you find the upgrade successful.
  • Lastly, turn your router off. After that, turn it on. This is the manual process to upgrade your Linksys router firmware that should resolve your problem.

Check the wireless settings of your router.

To link a wireless printer, you should know the wireless settings of your Linksys router. They synchronize the network settings of the printer with your router. If there’s any mistake in them, the wireless connection will not get established.

To link the printer to the network, follow these steps:-

  • Open ‘Linksys Connect.’ Windows users can do it by navigating to ‘Start,’ choosing ‘All Programs’ and then tapping on ‘Linksys Connect.’
  • Mac users can access ‘Go’ and then ‘Applications.’ After that, they can click on ‘Linksys Connect.’
  • On the main window of Linksys Connect, choose ‘Computers and Devices.’
  • In this screen, choose ‘Printer,’ followed by selecting ‘Wireless Printer.’
  • You’ll view the wireless settings of the router on the screen of ‘Connecting a wireless printer’. Carefully note these settings and don’t exit the window. The wireless settings consist of:
  1. Your wireless network’s name (SSID).
  2. The wireless passphrase or password (security key).
  3. The encryption type used by your network (security type).


  • On your printer, enter the wireless settings that were displayed on your system by Linksys Connect. After that, tap ‘Next’ on the window of Linksys Connect.
  • Go through your printer’s documentation for guidelines on how to enter the wireless settings on your printing device.
  • For confirming that your printer’s detected, you must be directed to the screen of ‘Name your printer.’ Tap your preferred name and then hit ‘Finish.’ Your printer will get successfully connected. 

Check that you have installed printer software and drivers.

You may also find your Linksys router not connecting to printer if you haven’t installed proper software and drivers of the printer on your computer. So, it’s a wise idea to go through your printer’s documentation and find about appropriate software and drivers to install. You can also refer to the online support of your printer manufacturer to find more instructions on this subject. 

Either allow the firewall access or switch it temporarily.

Your Linksys router and the printing device also require assistance from other elements to finish the connection task. In a majority of cases, the printer installation through the router needs you to allow firewall access. But there are also cases when you should switch to a third-party security tool only temporarily. You can also check if your Windows firewall is obstructing the connection.

  • Go to ‘Control Panel’ and tap ‘System and Security.’
  • Next, open ‘Administrative Tools.’
  • Open ‘Windows Defender Firewall with Advanced Security.’
  • Then tap ‘Actions’ and choose ‘Properties.’
  • Choose your profile and tap ‘Customize’ in the section of ‘Logging.’
  • Tap the dropdown for ‘Log dropped packets’ and choose ‘Yes.’
  • Note the pfirewall.log path in the section of ‘Name.’ 
  • Tap ‘OK‘.
  • Launch ‘File Explorer’ and go to the path where you have saved the log file.
  • Tap the ‘pfirewall.log’ file and inspect for any blocked ports.

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Final Words:

Hopefully, you’ll now be able to implement the right techniques on finding that your Linksys router not connecting to printer. Then you can print easily from anywhere in your house. But don’t worry if you can still not connect the router to the printer. In such a case, you can contact professional Linksys support.