How to Fix Prime Video Not Working on Roku?

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How to Fix Prime Video Not Working on Roku

Amazon Prime is one of the most favorite online streaming services. It allows the users to stream movies, web series, shows, and many more. The simple and easy user interface is the primary reason why users choose it. In contrast, Roku is a streaming device. It lets the user stream their favorite content with high quality. Users stream the Prime Video on Roku. But sometimes, while streaming, users observe that their Prime Video not working on Roku TV. It can happen due to various reasons. In this blog, we cover all the possible causes as well as the solutions that can help you resolve the error.


Why is My Prime Video Not Working on Roku 2022?

There can be many casualties by which the “can’t find Prime Video on Roku’ issue ensues. Some of them are listed:

    1. The Prime Video services are down or under maintenance.
    2. Due to poor internet connection.
    3. Your Amazon Prime Video subscription ends.
    4. Roku and the TV have compatibility issues.
    5. Due to wrong login credentials.

Hence, forenames are the leading casualties of the issue. After these, it’s time to resolve the issue and stream the Prime Video.


Fix Prime Video Not Working on Roku

In this section, we are going to resolve the Prime Video Roku issue with the following methods.

1. Examine Your Internet Connection

A poor internet connection can be the leading reason for the Prime Video not working on Roku issue. You can check your internet connection by opening any web page on your mobile. If you are able to connect with the mobile but not the application. Then disconnect the Roku from the internet and re-connect it. Check for the error.

The Roku TV requires more internet speed to stream content. You can check your internet speed online. Thus, run a speed test online. If the speed is slow, then contact your internet service provider.


2. Factory Reset Roku Device

If your internet connection is good, but you can’t fix Prime Video not working on Roku issue. Then, resetting the Roku to the factory default can fix it. Following are the steps to reset:

    • Firstly, go to the Roku Home Screen and choose Settings.

Roku Home Screen settings

  • Secondly, navigate to the System menu and click on Advanced System Settings.

roku advanced system settings

  • After that, click on the Factory Reset option. Enter the code from the screen and click on OK.

roku factory reset for prime video not working on roku

  • Now, click on Start Factory Reset option.

start roku factory reset

  • After the Reset, restart the Roku Device and add your channels.


3. Re-Sign into the Prime Video

There is also a reason for Prime Video not working on Roku TV issue, that someone changes the password. Amazon Prime video also provides a multi-user subscription. That means many users can stream the content at the same time with the same login details. However, someone change the password from other devices. Change your password and log in to the Prime Video again to fix the issue.


4. De-Activate and Re-Activate Prime Video on Roku

The Prime Video not working on Roku occurs due to mismatched user data. It generally ensues when you change the user information. So, de-activating and re-activating can resolve your issue. Follow the given steps:

    1. Firstly, go to Roku Home Screen.
    2. Then, click on the “Amazon Prime Video” to remove it.
    3. Here, press the “Star” button on your remote.
    4. Next, tap on the “Remove Channel” option.
    5. Next, tap on Confirm.
    6. Now, restart your Roku device. To restart the Roku device, go to Settings>>System>>Restart.
    7. After restarting, again go to Roku Home Screen and choose Amazon Prime Video to re-activate it.
    8. Now, you will prompt to the Amazon Prime log-in page.
    9. In the end, enter your username and password and tap on the Sign-in button.


5. Examine Your Prime Account

After trying many methods and you can’t fix Prime Video not Working on Roku, then the issue with your Amazon account. It’s important to check your subscription date. Also, check how many users are using the account. If your subscription expires, then you have to recharge it. By doing this, you can stream your Prime Video on Roku Tv hassle-free.


6. Update Your Roku Device and Prime Video

Updating the Roku device to the latest release can fix your Prime Video not working on Roku 2022 issue. Follow the given below instructions to check for software and Prime Video updates:

    1. Firstly, press the Home key on your Roku remote.
    2. Secondly, scroll and select Settings.
    3. After that, select System.
    4. Now, choose System Update.
    5. Next, choose the Check Now option to check for updates manually.

If there is any new update available for Prime Video, the Roku device will automatically download and install them. After the update, your Roku device will restart.


7. Restart the Roku Device

Restarting the Roku device can resolve the Prime Video not working on Roku issue. Restarting your Roku device will refresh it. Below are the steps to restart the Roku device:

    1. Firstly, turn Off the Roku from the remote
    2. Secondly, unplug the Roku device from the power supply.
    3. Now, you have to wait for 15-20 seconds.
    4. Then, plug the Roku device into the power supply.
    5. In the end, turn On the Roku device and check that Prime Video is working.


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Need Further Assistance

It’s a frustrating moment when you have Roku Tv and try to watch your favorite content on Prime Video. But the Prime Video not working on Roku TV. With this write-up, we will try to resolve your issue. We have mentioned different steps to fix the issue. Also, the leading causes responsible for the error. If you face any difficulty with the steps, please comment below.

However, if the issue persists, you can visit or contact the experts.