How to Change WiFi Password ATT : Steps to Follow

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AT&T has been providing many services like internet, phone, and IPTV entertainment services to many Americans. The AT&T high-speed internet service is particularly popular among people as it provides security with the connection. The internet service comprises a Wi-Fi gateway device and an all-in-one router. But like other internet equipment, it also comes with a default network password and name. It is recommended that you modify this network name and password. This article will explain how to change wifi password att. But before diving into how to change it, you should first understand the need for changing it.

How To Change Wi-Fi Password ATT


Why it’s Necessary to Know How to Change Wi-Fi Password ATT?

The default network passwords and names are printed on the gateway device. A major reason routers at home are compromised is that people continue employing the password and SSID they get with the device. If you don’t modify the particulars of your device, someone who may have even a slight knowledge of default passwords can easily gain control of your in-home network. 

Once a hacker finds your router, they can seamlessly access it and do various things to jeopardize your internet performance and your online security and privacy. So, if you don’t change your default network’s default name and password, you’re only providing hackers with a chance to attack the in-home network.

How to Change ATT Password?

Before you know the steps for how to change att wifi password, it’s essential to note that you shouldn’t use any personal names, addresses, or identifiable phrases in your network information. You should always keep the same Wi-Fi password and name for the radio channels so that there is only a single network. There are two methods to modify your in-home network data. They include:

  • Through Smart Home Manager App
  • Through Gateway Settings

AT & T Smart Home Manager App is free of cost tool that allows AT & T internet subscribers to handle their in-home Wi-Fi network. The app also allows them to customize it according to their mobile, computer, or tablet preferences. Using it, you can locate or modify your Wi-Fi network information, reboot the gateway, enforce parental controls, conduct a speed test, monitor data consumption by device, and a lot more. 

AT & T offers several gateway devices like NVG599 & BGW210, Pace 5268 AC, Motorola NVG589, and many others. Irrespective of the gateway device, the process to modify the Wi-Fi network information is similar to changing it through the Smart Home Manager App. Below is the exact procedure that you should follow if you want to know how to change your att wifi password and name for the common AT & T gateway devices.

Arris BGW210

You can change the ATT Wi-Fi password BGW210 through the Smart Home Manager App easily. Here are the steps for it.

  • Sign in to the app.
  • Choose ‘My Wi-Fi.’
  • Tap ‘Edit.’ It will be beside the network name or password you wish to modify.
  • Wipe away the existing information. Input the new network password and name. 
  • Click ‘Save.’

How to change ATT Wi-Fi password BGW210 through Gateway settings

You can modify the network data with a device linked to your in-home network. Follow these steps for BGW210.

  • Navigate to the ‘Gateway settings‘ and choose ‘Home Network.’
  • Go to ‘Wi-fi.’
  • Fill in the Device Access Code.
  • Click ‘Continue.’ Go over to the ‘Home SSID‘ section. You will have a network name for every band that is in use. 
  • Before altering the Wi-Fi name, ensure that ‘User SSID Enable‘ is on. Fill in the new network name in the relevant field.
  • For changing the password, tap ‘WPA-PSK‘ in the menu of ‘Security.’ Input the new password in its field.
  • Click ‘Save.’
  • Link your devices with this network information.

The steps for changing the AT&T Wi-Fi password for Pace 5268 AC, Motorola NVG589 are also the same.

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 How to Change the Wi-Fi Password from Smartphone

You can download the Smart Home Manager App for your Android or iOS mobile device and update the Wi-Fi information. If you’re wondering how to change my att wifi password, then go through the steps below.

  • Log in to the Smart Home Manager app with your AT&T credentials from your smartphone.
  • Navigate to ‘Network.’
  • Choose the Wi-Fi network name that you want to modify the information for. 
  • Now, choose X and delete the current information.
  • Modify the current password and name of the network.
  • Tap’ Save.’

What are the Steps for Changing the AT&T Email Password?

Many people desire to know how to change att email password. The process is quite simple. Follow the steps below for it.

  • Login with your existing password and user ID. 
  • From the top Nav Profile, choose View Profile. 
  • Choose ‘Sign in Info.’
  • Choose ‘Change sign in password.’
  • Modify your password. 
  • Tap on ‘Save’ to save the change that you’ve made.

If you have to reset the password in case you don’t remember or forgot it, then choose ‘Forgot your password.’ Then follow the steps given below.

  • Fill in the password information. 
  • Select ‘Temporary password‘ or ‘Security questions.’ Now, adhere to the prompts that you see on your screen.
  • Make your new password. 


For security purposes, it’s always wise to keep changing your password at regular intervals of time. It ensures that no one unknowingly or knowingly accesses your mail. You will also reduce the risk of account hacking to a great extent. 

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Final Words

It’s essential for every user to know how to change wifi password att. You can either change it through the Smart Home Manager app or through the gateway settings. You can also download the Smart Home Manager app for your Android or iOS mobile device to change the password from your phone. If you get stuck on any part during this process, feel free to connect with the expert AT&T customer support services.