Forgot Xfinity Router Admin Password-What’s the Next Step?

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Forgot Xfinity Router Admin Password and now waiting for an expert who can help you to overcome this situation! Well my friend, now the wait is over because, in the present era, you can easily fight with these kinds of common issues and find the best possible solution on your own. 

 Want to know HOW? Trust me, this is not rocket science, you can easily get rid of basic problems by following some simple steps, and some of the best approaches are listed in this online journal. So, try to read this blog post carefully and learn some amazing tricks to reform your security code shortly. 


Forgot Xfinity Router Admin Password

How to Recover Forgot Router Admin Password Xfinity?


There is a fact that you can reach your destination using several different paths and the same goes in this scenario as well. There are a variety of problem-solving solutions presented but you need to decide which one to apply and which one to skip. But before talking about fixes, let’s dig into some of the common issues and symptoms which may arise in front of you if you forgot router admin password Xfinity.


  • You are no longer to access your Xfinity account. 
  • Your PC starts to shut down automatically and restarts often. 
  • Your Xfinity device shows a message that you cannot connect to the Internet or server.

Common Issues: 

  • Due to some network issue or bad connectivity, you may face that your id or password don’t match. 
  • If you enter your credentials in the wrong format or fill in the details incorrect while typing, a specific issue may occur. 
  • If you are using an outdated version of the Xfinity application, a glitch related to credentials arises. 
  • When you miss your monthly recharge activation plan, then some of the basic mess may create automatically.

Forgot Xfinity Router Reset Admin Password- Approaches to Fix:


Method1- Use Admin Tool

  • Open a web browser on your preferred device including phone or system
  • Type then hit Enter button to open Admin ToolEnter Admin Tool ID and password and click on LOGIN
  • Click on Change your Name and Password option 
  • Now tap Change Password 
  • When a new window open with two boxes, then type the new password then again enter it to confirm finally
  • Click on Save and close the Window
  • You have changed your password, now try to login into your Xfinity account by entering a new personal key or passcode.
  • If still, you face any problem, try to go to the next Solution 


Method2- Add New Name and Password for your Wi-Fi Network 

  • Unlock your device and open your default browser 
  • Open Admin Tool by clicking http://10/0/0/1
  • Go to the Menu then choose Pickup, then click on Connection > Wi-Fi
  • Now you have to find the Name (SSID) option under the Private Wi-Fi Network
  • Click on Edit, type the new Wi-Fi name and click on Save Settings 
  • Now it is time to change the Wi-Fi password, so click on the box which is appeared next to Show Network Password
  • Now select Network Name or Network Password and enter the new password. 
  • Click on Save Settings. 
  • Congratulations you have changed your Wi-Fi name and password successfully.
  • Now try to access your Xfinity account after entering all your login details and check for the issue. 
  • If you still cannot able to fix it then jump into the next step.

Basis Solutions- As we mentioned above in this article that you can resolve your technical problems by applying some of the DIY (do-it-yourself) tactics, here are some of the best ones listed kindly check out and encounter unwanted matters on your own. 


  • Ensure you are using high-speed Internet and all the settings and cables of your Xfinity device are connected properly. 
  • Check all the credentials entered by you are correct and have the same format but don’t enter these details more than 3 times in a row or you will temporarily block your Xfinity account. 
  • You can change your Xfinity router settings and again enter your email and password, check if it works or not. 
  • Update your Xfinity application and check out some latest features, it will not take more than 30 minutes so give yourself time and resolve or issue or change your password. 
  • Resetting your Internet gateway is one approach that actually works sometimes. Reset it by pressing the Reset button, just hold the key for the next 30 minutes.  
  • You can directly use a suggestion option, which states ‘Forgot Password’ just mark in the box which appears in the front of this message and get a link on your email or phone number to change or create a new Xfinity account password. 

Talking to the Xfinity professional and asking for help still ranks best in the list of solutions when you get forgot Xfinity router reset admin password on your device screen.

What if You Forgot Xfinity Router Admin Tool Password? 

Forgetting your Xfinity account credentials is not a big thing; each of us is familiar enough with this kind of common mistake. As we mentioned above in this post, that with the help of the Xfinity Admin Tool, you can get back and change your security password. But do you know what to do if you forgot the Xfinity router admin tool password

Well, the answer is this question and trouble you can easily find in a single line and that is ‘by resetting your gateway’ this mess can be cleared. Yes, you just need to erase all cookies and reset your network gateway then go to Advanced Troubleshoot Settings listed in your Xfinity Login page. So apply this step and try to overcome forgot Xfinity password situation. 

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The Ending Thoughts-

So, after creating vast research and gathering various kinds of information from several sources, we have crafted this entire post for our readers. We hope, with the help of information shared in this article, we tried to provide all kinds of a vital set of detailed facts and figures to perform if you mistakenly forgot Xfinity router admin password

In the future, if still there is any kind of confusion occurs, call the Xfinity experts by using a call via a toll-free number and easily find all the suitable solutions at your doorstep. So make a call right now.