How to Set up a Wireless Connection to Linksys Router

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If you possess various computer systems in your home or office, you can link all of them to the same network. It can be easily done through a Linksys wireless router. The routers from Linksys are easy to set up and connect to Wi-Fi. You can even find a manual when you purchase the router of this brand. Setting up the right connection to Linksys router is important to get the computers connected to the internet. Many people, after purchasing the router, find various difficulties in connecting it to Wi-Fi. This post will outline all the necessary steps you should follow to accomplish this task.

Set Up Wireless Connection to Linksys Router

Steps for Setting up a Wireless Connection to Linksys Router

There’s a standard process to connect your router to Wi-Fi. To know how to connect Linksys router to Wi-Fi, follow the stepwise instructions below. Ensure that the LAN cable is suitably connected from the Linksys router to your modem. There should also be no cuts on the LAN. 

  • Remove the packaging of the power cable and the wireless network.
  • Plug an end of the wireless network cable to the yellow port of the router.
  • Link the other part of it to the LAN port of the modem. 
  • Link your Linksys router to the power cable. After that, connect the adapter to a power outlet.
  • The back of the router will have an ON/OFF button. Use it to turn on and turn off the router.

Find if your Linksys router can support 100Mbps from an Ethernet connection. If it does, upgrade to a cable that supports more or equal to 1 Gbps.

How to Establish a Modem-Router-System Connectivity

First, check if your system is able to access the internet directly via a modem. It will ensure that the ISP internet is operating, and you can go ahead with the procedure to connect Linksys router to modem. Follow the steps below to set up this connection.

  • Link your system to the router through Wi-Fi. 
  • If your Wi-Fi is protected, you can find the login keys on your Linksys router’s back. 
  • Launch your preferred browser and search ‘’
  • Type your password and username to navigate to the page of ‘Router admin.’
  • In case you find it challenging to access the router setup page of Linksys, disable your system’s firewall.

There are some routers (including Linksys) that reset the IP address of the router if you employ a DSL or Digital Subscriber Line modem. So, ensure to see the IP address of your router if your browser is unable to navigate to the admin page of Linksys. 

The steps for setting up Linksys admin page

You need to have a password for accessing the admin page. The default password of your new Linksys router is admin. If you find the username and password not working, reset the router to factory settings. For it, hold the button of reset for half a minute and release it for the same time. To access the router admin page of Linksys for connecting Linksys router, follow these instructions.

  • Tap ‘Linksys Smart Wi-Fi setup.’
  • Confirm that you have gone through all the terms and agreements.
  • Tap the ‘Next‘ tab present at the bottom-right part.
  • The router will correct the connection settings. Wait for some time.
  • You will be required to input your username and password.
  • Various tabs on the admin page enable users to modify the settings. You should choose your specific router model by tapping on the top menu. Then, go to the instructions for your router model.

Configure the internet connection settings

You need to configure your router settings according to your requirements. To access the Linksys router panel admin setup page, navigate to the ‘Wireless‘ tab, which is present on the setup page. After setting up the internet connection, all your devices will link to the Linksys router easily and securely. Below are the steps to modify the settings. 

  • Tick the ‘Install future router updates automatically‘ onscreen box.
  • Below the ‘Network Name,’ input the name of your router.
  • Below ‘Network Password,’ input your network’s Wi-Fi password. 
  • When the router is properly installed, you’ll notice the message, ‘Your router is set up.’
  • Hit ‘Next.’ You have successfully set up Linksys wireless router.

Routers from Linksys consist of factory settings that enable users to access your network without the need to get your permission. After completing the procedure of setting up the wireless router, you can link to your wireless network.

What Benefits Do Linksys Router Offer?

If you were wondering how do I set up Linksys wireless router, the various methods mentioned above must have satisfied you. Linksys router offers some important benefits to the users. That’s why it is important to know how you can connect them to the Wi-Fi in an office or home setting.

  • The routers offer increased mobility. As they link your smartphone or computer to a modem that connects a range of computers, you can gain access to the company’s information while moving through your company premises. 
  • The routers have a broader reach. They extend the wireless network, so you can utilize it in areas that cannot be reached through wires. 
  • Linksys routers are a part of wireless systems. You can develop a safe wireless network and power several applications and devices. This greater scalability is a significant advantage of these routers.

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Final Words

After knowing the exact procedure of setting up a wireless connection to Linksys router, you can effectively establish a Linksys smart Wi-Fi account. It’ll enable you to gain access to your router’s admin panel through the convenience of a mobile application. If you encounter any problem in setting up the router and establishing a connection, connect with Linksys customer support. Our Linksys technical support team will gladly resolve all your router and wireless connection concerns.