Linksys Guest Network Not Working? Try these Measures

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Linksys routers are packed with some of the most impressive features that people can ever need. One of such features is their Guest Network. It allows the user to have an individual SSID and encryption type for the guest network. As a result, they cannot gain access to your main network. The guest network ensures that a device linked using its credentials gains internet accessibility. Apart from that, users cannot modify anything on your Linksys router or network. However, the problem of Linksys guest network not working is one that plagues many router users. They find the guest network appearing unsecured when they search for wireless networks. In this article, you’ll find the measures you can take to resolve this issue. 

Linksys Guest Network Not Working


What to Do on Finding Linksys Guest Network Not Working?

There are some proven techniques you can implement to fix the issue. Keep reading to know the measures you can take when you find your Linksys guest access not working.


Check that the Guest Access is set to Yes.

You need to set the Guest Access option to yes if you want to resolve this problem. Follow the steps given below.

  • Set up the Linksys Connect.
  • Now, tap ‘Change’ beneath the ‘Guest Access Option.’
  • Next, see that you have set the ‘Allow Guest Access’ option to Yes. If you haven’t set it as Yes, make the needed changes. 
  • Proceeding forward, tap ‘Change’ and input Linksys guest password for the guest network. 
  • You can also select the number of visitors who can access the network.
  • Finally, tap ‘Finish.’


Check the active internet connection

There should be an active internet connection for the guest network to work. Connect your computer to the main wireless network. Often, slow internet connection or poor connectivity is the problem that needs to be fixed. It’s a significant reason behind Linksys guest network not working. You can also disconnect and reconnect the wireless device to the guest network to resolve this problem.


Access the internet with a different web browser

Another effective tip for making the guest network work is to access the internet through a different browser. Exit the browser windows and then reconnect to the network. You can add a home page to your browser. It can also allow the guest password page to load appropriately again.


Use the guest password rather than the Wi-Fi password.

One of the significant reasons for Linksys router users to experience this problem is the usage of Wi-Fi passwords rather than the guest password. You need to remember that Linksys smart Wi-Fi tools guest password is different from the router password. They are not the same. The router password is the administrative password of the router, while the latter is for wireless devices that link to the guest network. When you link to the guest network, you will be asked for the password. You need to enter the guest password as a response to the prompt. Do not use the Wi-Fi or the admin password. 

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Start your router again.

Often, a temporary error or issue on your router can lead to the guest network not working. You can resolve the problem by starting the router again in such a case. Power cycling the Linksys router is a straightforward process. All you are required to do is switch off your router and take away the power cord. Next, plug back the power cord after 10 seconds. 

This process will reboot every component of the router. After you power cycle the router, you can try to set up the guest network again. If a temporary error or issue caused the problem, you’d certainly be able to make the router work without encountering any problem. 


Reset your router.

There is yet another possibility that may cause Linksys guest access not working. It pertains to conflicting settings on the router. In order to use your router again, you must reset it to its default settings. It means deleting any other setting on your Linksys router. 

For restoring the router to default settings, search for the Reset button on it. You will need to use a paper clip or a tiny object with a sharp point to reset it. The reset button’s location can vary according to your router’s model. On some routers, the reset button is present on the back. In others, it is present at the bottom. 

Insert the object and hold and press this button for half a minute. When you are doing this, there should be a light blinking continuously. Now, release the button and take away the router. Wait for half a minute more before you plug your router back in. Next, link your system to the router through a Wi-Fi connection or Ethernet cable. Sign in to the router interface via the default password and username. Remember that your prior settings are erased. You need to configure the wireless network again and set up another set of login credentials. 


Update your router firmware.

Another option for you to try is to update the router firmware to its most current version. Remember that the router’s firmware controls every communication over a guest network and resource allocation. In case of any problems with it, you’ll face the issue of the guest network not working. So, you should update the firmware. After updating it, there is a high chance it will function properly as before. 

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Final Words

Use the techniques given in this article whenever you find Linksys guest network not working. There are quite many fixes you can try in this situation. But if you still find the guest network not working, contact professional Linksys support service. The technical professionals will resolve all the issues that you are facing with your router. You can then use it efficiently.