How To Configure TP-Link Router? A Comprehensive Guide

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A question that bewilders a majority of people is how to configure TP-Link router. There is more than one way by which you can easily install this router. For those looking to install it properly, then this article will act as a guide for you. Here you can find stepwise instructions on how you can configure and install this router. 


How to configure TP-Link router, setup steps


How to Configure TP-Link Router Without a CD?


You can easily accomplish the TP-Link router installation without CD. Follow the various steps given below for it.


  • Place your router and connect it with your system.
  • Below the CMD type, enter ipconfig”. Then tap Enter. 
  • In your internet browser, input IP type.
  • Now you will see a login page in front of your eyes. Here you need to type in your password and username. 
  • Now, tap ‘OK.’ If you feel that the process didn’t work out as expected, you need to reset your router.
  • Navigate to the ‘Security and Wireless Settings’ for the security of your router. 
  • Now, install the TP-Link router without a CD. Select ‘WPA-PSK‘ and then make a password.


An Alternate Method for Installing the TP-Link Wi-Fi Router without CD?


When you have a router and a cable provider, all you need to do is build an internet connection. To set up TP-Link router, follow the instructions given below.


  • In the beginning, connect the internet wire given to you by your internet service provider to your TP-link router. 
  • Next, link your system and router with the aid of an ethernet cable. 
  • Now, double-tap on any web browser like Chrome or Firefox. 
  • On your address bar, input to get access to this router’s setup or configuration page. 
  • After that, enable your Wi-Fi and follow the instructions that you notice for setting up your TP-Link router.
  • Next, set up your network name as well as the password key. 
  • You have successfully finished the TP-Link router installation without CD. 

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How to Use the Router Setup Wizard?


You can use the TP-Link setup wizard for setting up the TP-Link router. Follow these instructions for it.


  • Locate the router IP and launch a browser. 
  • Enter your router IP in the browser. Generally, it’s or
  • You will view a login page from the router on the screen. Here, you need to type in the password and the username. The default password and username for TP-Link is admin. You can also find it on a sticker at the back of the router.
  • You will view a setup screen by default. Tap on ‘Next.’
  • You will now view a screen where you have to type in the details of the Wi-Fi setup. Type in SSID. It’ll be the name of your Wi-Fi. 
  • Select ‘WPA2/PSK‘ for security. It is the suggested security choice for Wi-Fi. Type in your Wi-Fi password, which you require to link your mobile devices to the router. In the space for the region, select your country. 
  • After you type in all the necessary details, hit a click on ‘Next.’ You’ll view a prompt for restarting your router for the modification to come into effect.
  • Generally, your internet should start functioning now after you restart. Some internet service providers give passwords and usernames for PPPoe type connections. For it, you need to type in some extra details. 


How to set up the PPPoE Type Connection


Setting up PPPoE-type connections isn’t difficult. After logging into your router, follow these steps. 


  • Navigate to the ‘Network‘ section. Then click ‘Detect.’
  • Input password and username as given by your internet service provider or ISP.
  • The last step is to click ‘Connect‘ and then ‘Save.’


Setup Your TP-Link Router Via the TP-Link Tether App


It is the quickest way for TP-Link router installation. For it, you need to install the TP-Link Tether app on your phone. But don’t open it till you have connected the router. 


  • Find your modem. Then insert a cable into its yellow connector. Link the network cable to the yellow connector and then plug the connector into the socket. 
  • Launch the Wi-Fi settings and then locate the router. Find the name and password of the Wi-Fi network at the bottom. Use this data to set up a connection. You will notice that your phone indicates that there is no internet connection. It’s because you haven’t yet installed the TP-Link router.
  • Next, open the Tether app. It will search for TP-Link routers present in your network. You will locate it below ‘Local devices.’ 
  • Hit the icon for starting the installation and input the username and password. 
  • Now you need to set up TP-Link router. Firstly, select the connection type. If you have placed the router behind your modem, then use ‘Dynamic IP.’ In this manner, the modem will assign an IP address to the router. 
  • Secondly, name the network and select your own password.
  • You will now view an overview of the settings with your chosen network name. Ensure that you remember this name. 
  • Tap ‘Save‘ to save all the modifications. Then click ‘Finish.’ This was the process for how to set up TP-Link router without an ethernet cable.

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Final Words

Hopefully, now you know how to configure/Setup TP-Link router properly. You can easily install the router without a CD in two ways. Using the TP-Link router setup wizard is also a great way for setting the router. Lastly, you also have the option of using the TP-Link Tether application. It is the quickest method for router installation. Follow the points described above very carefully. If you find yourself getting stuck at any point, get in touch with Internet Homes experts.