How to Change Netgear IP Address? The Exact Process to Follow

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how to change Netgear ip address

Netgear routers are quite popular. Many people worldwide use these high-performing routers. A majority of these routers have a default IP address. It’s It can also be It’s easy to connect the router through one of these addresses. You just need to type it into the address bar of your router. Netgear routers are thus pre-configured to utilize private IP addresses on the LAN side. But sometimes, it becomes necessary to know. You might need to change it if your network needs a different IP addressing scheme. It’s also possible that you may have to change the settings to get a specific IP subnet that more than one device on the network uses. In this article, you’ll find the process to change the IP address.


What are Home Router IP Addresses?

Home broadband routers have two IP addresses. The first one is for local communicating within (inside) the home network. They are called private IP addresses. The other one is used when linking to a network external to the local one. They are called public IP addresses.

The public address is assigned by internet providers, while the private address is controlled by the home network administrator. If you’ve never modified your router’s local address, its IP address will likely be the default one. When the network is set up initially, the router should have a local IP address. So to simplify the network setup, the manufacturer programs a default IP address in the router.

You can find the default IP address printed on the documentation of the router. Sometimes, the IP address of the router is also called the default gateway address. It acts as the portal via which client systems can gain access to the internet.

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How to Change Netgear IP Address?

Every time you power on a home router, it will utilize the same default private network address. It will do so till you change the IP address Netgear router. It becomes crucial to modify the router’s default IP address if you want to prevent conflict with the IP address of a modem. As an administrator, you can adjust the default IP address of your Netgear router during installation or at a later date. It will not change other administrative settings like the DNS address value, passwords, or Wi-Fi settings. To modify the IP address on the WAN IP address allocated to your router, you can use the following points.

  • Go through the list of devices present on your network display.
  • After that, choose the router that you wish to modify the IP address for.
  • Next, tap ‘WAN IP.’
  • Now slide the toggle in order to turn off the ‘Assign IP address automatically.’
  • After that, type in a new IP address. Follow it by selecting ‘Save.’ It will make the IP address static.

When you Netgear change IP address, it won’t affect the connection of the network to the internet. However, you may experience a temporary interruption of internet access for systems on the local network.


How to Change Netgear IP Address on Nighthawk Router?

It is easy to change the LAN TCP/IP settings. To know how to change the IP address on the Nighthawk router, follow these steps.

  • Open the internet browser from a wireless system or computer linked to your network.
  • Input or Some Netgear routers are compatible with a functionality that enables administrators to gain access to the router via a domain name and not an IP address. After the administrator types any of the site names above, the Netgear router identifies the domain name. It allows the administrator to get access to the IP address of the router automatically.
  • Once you see the login screen, type in the password and username of the router. It’s default username is ‘admin‘, while the password is ‘password.’ They are both case-sensitive.
  • Now, you’ll view a basic Home Screen. Here, choose ‘ADVANCED’ followed by ‘Setup‘ and then ‘LAN Setup.’
  • Input the IP address in the field of IP address.
  • Input the router’s subnet mask in the field of ‘IP Subnet mask.’ It is The subnet mask and IP address recognize the addresses that are local to a particular device and those that should be reached via router or gateway.
  • Modify the RIP (Router Information Protocol) settings. It enables a router to exchange routing data with other routers.
  1. In the list of RIP directions, choose either one of the ones mentioned below.
  2. Both‘- The router broadcasts the routing table regularly and integrates the data it gets.
  3. Out Only‘ – The router broadcasts the routing table regularly.
  4. In Only‘ – The router integrates the RIP data it gets.
  5. In the ‘RIP Version List,’ choose one of the following mentioned here.
  6. Disabled‘ – It’s the default setting.
  7. RIP – 1‘ – A universally supported format. It’s sufficient for many networks except if you possess an unusual network setup.
  8. RIP – 2‘ – It contains more data. The RIP-2M and RIP- 2B transfers the routing information in RIP-2 format. Subnet broadcasting is used by RIP-2B, while RIP-2M uses multicasting.
  • Tap ‘Apply’ to save the changes. If you modified the router’s LAN IP address, you are not connected when this change will come into effect. Let the router reboot and wait for some time before it starts responding.
  • To link back, exit your browser, and open it again. Then, sign in to the router. That’s it. Now you know how to change the IP address on the Netgear router.

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Final Words

Now, you won’t question how to change Netgear IP address. This detailed article will clear all your confusion about it. Follow the stepwise instructions and change the IP address of your Netgear router whenever the need arises. You won’t face any issues when you have this guide. However, if you face any problems while doing so contact Netgear router technical support services. The professionals will speedily resolve all your queries.