Gmail Not Working | How to Fix the Problem?

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Is your Gmail not working? Well, when using Gmail or any other Internet facility, at least at once, this happens that the service stops working. As we know that Gmail is the mailing service by Google, and has so many advanced features. Apart, from this, it is also very user-friendly. However, still, it may fail sometimes to perform normally.

SGmail Not Working

How to solve this error in Gmail? From whom we can take help? In such a case, when users are not aware of the issue and they want to fix it, they can either take help from experts or can follow the solutions mentioned here in this blog. When Gmail won’t load, it means that it is happening because of some error. Therefore, it is very important to know about the causes of the error before you proceed towards the solution section. The information will make you able to fix the error very easily.

What are the reasons when Gmail not working?

Behind this error in Gmail, there could be any reason, it can be technical as well as some common connection issue. Hence, to solve this have a glace over below list:

  • When the browser stops supporting Gmail.
  • Maybe one of your browser’s extensions or plug-ins is making Gmail unable to work.
  • If you have forgotten to clear your browser’s cookies and cache.

When you ask yourself, “Is there any valid reason why Gmail won’t load?” and consider how to fix the issue so you can recover your email. Well, here are a couple of investigating tips that will assist you in finding a good pace for the issue. Let’s begin with the most widely recognized ones.

If the steps don’t work for you or you’ve just attempted them already, not to stress. We have further developed troubleshooting tips for you to attempt after that.

Try These Basic Tips Before When Gmail Not Loading

1. Ensure your program works with Gmail.

The accompanying programs work with Gmail: Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. On the off chance, if you use Google Chrome, ensure you’re using the most latest version of it. And if you happen to utilize a Chromebook, ensure the working framework is state-of-the-art with the goal that it bolsters Gmail. Whichever program you use, ensure it has been treated and JavaScript turned on.

2. Check Add-ins and Extensions of Browser.

If in case you use add-ins and extensions, one of them might be clashing with Gmail and causing it not to stack appropriately. Incidentally, turn off every one of these extensions and add-ins individually and take a stab at stacking Gmail to check whether that fixes the issue. Therefore, in such a case you need to go immediately and have to see that while utilizing your program with no add-ins whether that has any kind of effect. For this open a new window by using your program’s private browser or in incognito mode. You can generally come back to the regular program window that you use generally, where these extensions and add-ins will work similarly as they did previously.

3. Clear your browser history along with caches and cookies:

Once you are done with the above-mentioned steps, check if you have deleted the browser history including caches and cookies, or not. If not done, then delete them, but be aware as once you did that you will lose all your browsing history. After this, you won’t be able to get that personalized experience that you got while browsing your favorite websites before deleting.

The above-mentioned steps are the basic steps but they are also effective. However, if you have tried them and still “Gmail not working” issue you are facing, then you can proceed to our advanced steps to solve it.

What To Do If Still Gmail Not Working?

If you have tried the above steps to solve the Gmail not loading issue, don’t worry that is okay. And don’t get panic because you got our back, and we have brought some amazing tips for you to troubleshoot this error in Gmail. We can understand your urgency, as this error is not letting you enter your mail and you are feeling imprisoned. Therefore, to get rid of this situation, try the below steps.

1. Verify whether Gmail is down.

Even though it’s uncommon, Gmail goes down very rarely. Google offers a convenient G Suite Status Dashboard that gives you a continuous glance at whether any of its administrations, including Gmail, are down. On the other hand, you can verify whether Gmail is down at mainstream locales like Down Detector or Down for Everyone, or Just Me. On the off chance that it’s down, hold on, snatch your preferred drink and hold up until Gmail returns on the web.

2. Attempt briefly crippling your antivirus programming.

Once in a while, programming that persistently filters your PC, similar to an antivirus device or parental control programming, may struggle with different applications like Gmail. Therefore, try attempting to impair these tools one by one in turns. Now after this you can re-empower them once you’re finished trying. If you utilize against spyware, hostile to malware, or firewall programming, ensure it doesn’t square Gmail as a possibly perilous site.

3. Try another browser.

If your browser is not supporting Gmail, then you can check by trying another browser. As we have mentioned above that Gmail support many other browsers. So you can install some other browser (if you don’t have one) or you can access it if you already have one. Now try to open your Gmail account from it and see what happens.

4. Ensure your network is working appropriately.

An extremely slow web connection can cause Gmail to stack gradually, halfway, or not in any way. Affirm that your association is working appropriately by perusing to different locales or utilizing different applications that depend on the web. You can likewise run an internet speed test to ensure everything’s alright. On the off chance that there is any problem with the connection, reach out to your internet service provider (ISP) for help.

5. Change your program’s security settings.

In some situations when you have your browser’s protection settings set particularly high, there’s a little possibility that might be what’s keeping you from stacking Gmail. If that is the situation, make a point to physically add to the rundown of permitted locales with the goal that your program permits you to associate with Gmail.

6. Take a stab at reinstalling your program.

On the off chance that Gmail won’t load and your program is likewise acting wonky, you might need to reinstall it to check whether that fixes the issue. Although browser software can rarely get ruined and sway your capacity to visit destinations like Gmail.

7. Not all that much?

Find the solution- How do I fix the Gmail is not working issue? For a full rundown of your help choices, besides, to fix everything along with finding the way that makes sense such as costs, getting your records off your PC, picking a service for support, and more, you can contact Gmail support.


How to solve Gmail not loading issue? We hope that it is not haunting you anymore. By applying the functional and advanced methods in your Gmail, there are high chances that now you will fix the error. However, it still is present in your Gmail and makes it fail to load, then you can take an expert’s help.