A Complete Guide to Fix the Issue of ATT WiFi Not Working

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Fix the issue of ATT Wi-Fi Not Working

Wi-Fi calls enable people to communicate with individuals from another region or country at a very nominal cost. That’s why they are quite popular among people worldwide. Platforms like AT&T are one service that offers this functionality. It’s a good service as it provides a stable connection. However, you may not have a great Wi-Fi calling experience if you encounter connection issues on the AT&T Wi-Fi router. Many of its users complain why is my att wifi not working? In this long post, you’ll discover the various reasons why this Wi-Fi doesn’t work. Along with it, you’ll also find stepwise instructions on how you can resolve this issue effectively.


Causes of ATT WiFi Not Working

At&t wifi issues can arise due to several causes. For fixing them correctly, you should know what’s leading to this problem in the first place. Given below are some of the most common reasons that disrupt the connection.

  • Service outage– Millions of people have subscribed to AT&T. So they can indulge in repairing their towers or have their services under maintenance. In such a situation, you can only wait till the problem resolves from their end. 
  • Billing issues– If you haven’t settled your bills, then you might complain of at&t wifi calling not working. So, check whether you have paid your bills or not.
  • Problems with hardware– It may be possible that there is some problem with your wires, cables, or modem. If this is the case, then it’s likely the cause behind the Wi-Fi not working properly. Be sure to assess all your wires, cables, antennae, and modem. 

 These three are the most probable reasons why you’re facing a connection problem. 


What Does AT&T Status Light Colours Mean?

You can uncover what’s causing the connection problem by seeing the light color on every modem. Given below is the meaning behind each color.


  • Solid green – It indicates that there’s no problem with your internet connection. It’s working fine. 
  • Flashing green – It indicates that the device is still trying to set up and establish a stable network connection. It has not yet powered up completely.
  • Flashing yellow – You may complain of at&t wifi not working if you see a flashing yellow light. It means that although the device is there, it’s not correctly functioning. Thus, you don’t have an internet connection. 
  • Solid red – If you see a strong red color, it means that there is no internet connection or signal transmitted to the device. 
  • Flashing red – It means that although a signal is detected, the connection is not getting established. 
  • No light – If there’s no light, it means the issue is because of a hardware problem. It may also be because of any peripheral item on your modem or gateway. 


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Different Ways to Fix the Issue of ATT WiFi Not Working

There are various methods to implement when you find wifi calling not working at&t. Follow them to resolve this problem quickly.


Check for outages

The foremost thing to do is to determine the error through the status lights. If there’s a yellow light, the problem is with the gateway. You can connect with AT&T and find out if there is an outage in their area. 


Check if you are updated with your bills.

Now find out if you are up to date with your payments. Use the AT&Ts app on your phone to determine if you have made the payments. You can use the cellular data on your phone for it. Often, people forget to pay their bills and report of att wifi not working.


See if there are any hardware issues.

It’s also important for you to inspect your modem and see if there are any problems with it. Check all your cables and wires. Then inspect whether the ports used for connecting the cables are fine or not. Lastly, see the outlet which supplies the power. Check whether it is providing the right amount of electricity or not.


Reboot modem

Rebooting or power cycling can resolve a lot of technical errors. You can also reboot your modem through the steps mentioned below.


  • Unplug the power cord from the rear part of the modem.
  • If it has an internal battery, remove it and then wait for around 20 seconds
  • Now place the battery into the device. Next, plug it into the power.
  • Wait for five to ten minutes for your gateway or modem to reinitialize


How to Resolve the WiFi Calling Not Working on Android

Often, the problem of at&t wifi calling not working on android occurs because of a poor configuration. So, check that you have not turned the airplane mode on your Android phone. Other things that you can do are mentioned below.


  • See that your mobile voice and data are correctly activated so that you can make Wi-Fi calls with AT&T.
  • See if the Wi-Fi network is strong. You might face this problem in case of a weak Wi-Fi network. 
  • While purchasing a mobile from AT&T, verify if it can be operated with an unlocked network. Check it by using multiple SIMs on your smartphone to see if it can detect them.
  • Another solution is to configure the Access Point Names or APN correctly. 


How to correctly configure APN

Your mobile phone should be set with factory APN. If it is set with T-Mobile, it will reject the Wi-Fi services. You will find that at&t wifi connected but not working


  • Go to ‘Settings‘ and tap ‘Connections.’
  • Find the mobile network option.
  • Tap the access target’s name.
  • Tap ‘APN‘ with a T-Mobile setting. 


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Final Words

By now, you must be clear why the problem of Att wifi not working arises. Causes like service outage, billing issues, and problems with hardware lead to it. For resolving the issue, check for outages and make your payments timely. You can also resolve the problem on Android by first activating your mobile voice and data and then checking the strength of the Wi-Fi network. If you’re unable to fix the problem by yourself, connect with expert AT&T customer care professionals.