Why Xfinity Keeps Disconnecting? Know The Quick Solution

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As an Xfinity customer, you must be well aware of the problem. You might be going through one of the most common trouble, “Xfinity wifi Keeps Disconnecting.” It can be in the middle of a call with your boss or a gaming session with your friends. It doesn’t matter which one; it sucks. Fortunately, there are effective ways to fix the problem in the short term and some things you can do in a long time to make it easier.


Keep reading this blog and learn the different ways on how to fix Xfinity WiFi that keeps disconnecting. Initially, you can keep your Xfinity powered up and maybe even strengthen your connection. However, before settling the work, you need to know why the Xfinity WiFi hotspot keeps disconnecting. 

Why Xfinity wifi keeps disconnecting


Why does Xfinity WiFi Hotspot keep disconnecting?

As with any other technical problem, there are many reasons why your WiFi and access point keep disconnecting. There are a few more common reasons, and then some strange ones seem to keep popping up. Look at the usual problems:

Internet speed:

You are not using the proper internet speed. Your Internet will turn on and off when you have WiFi speeds that are not fast enough. It depends on what you’re doing on your computer, but you want it to run at a rate of at least 25 Mbps, if not more.


Issues with modem:

Something in your modem does not activate. If you have an unconfigured modem that is not configured correctly or not communicating with your Internet service provider. A suitable modem is essential for a stable and stable Internet connection. If you’ve had your modem for a long time, there may be a problem, or it may be laden with dust and needs a thorough cleaning.

Don’t just buy a new modem yourself. You need to ensure it works with your ISP. Calling your supplier and getting your equipment is usually a good decision for people who are not tech-savvy.


Wireless router issues:

Something is wrong with your wireless router. Another problem can be with the router. Usually, we tend to keep routers for a long time, and they are not intended to be used for more than five years. If your internet connection keeps dropping, you probably have firmware that can’t handle your load.


If you run a test, it will tell you the problem with cable. In case you can’t run the test, you should check all wires to ensure that they are not snagged, bent, twisted, frayed, or loose. Once you put the cables back together, ensure everything gets at the right place.


Network problem:

Your network is having problems. Sometimes the problem is not related to you at all. Although network connectivity issues are not as common as they used to be, you need to be aware of them, especially in inclement weather. The best thing to do here is to check your ISP’s website to see any problems. If not, you should report the problem and wait for their communication.


Antivirus issues:

Your antivirus is causing problems—an increasingly common problem with Xfinity WiFi internet connections is because of antivirus that might be crashed.


How to fix Xfinity WiFi that keeps disconnecting?


Although it may sometimes appear that your WiFi is crashing for no reason, there are a few different safes you can design to keep your Xfinity safe. Here are some of the top ways:

Keep The Device Close To The Modem And Router

If you have a modem or router on a different floor or very far away, the Internet may keep dropping and reconnecting. Your WiFi is within walking distance, and if you place objects like furniture, walls, and floors between you and the router, the connection will be significantly weaker. As a modem or router ages, the distance can change.


Be Careful Of Interference


Signals can interfere and cause Xfinity WiFi keeps disconnecting. There are products in your home that are disrupting these networks. This can include cordless phones, cell phones, Bluetooth devices, Alexas, Google Homes, garage door openers, microwaves.


To solve this problem, avoid grouping your electronic devices. It can also be beneficial to turn off appliances that you don’t use regularly.


Test Your Internet Speed Regularly


Sometimes ISPs slow down if you use too much data in a month, just like phone companies do. Check your speeds regularly to see if it is working or buy another plan.


Reboot Your System Regularly


It is always better to power the system to keep everything up to date. Restart your system by unplugging it from the outlet, leaving it unplugged for at least five minutes, and then plugging it back in. Let everything turn on entirely before use.


Update Firmware and Drivers


If your Xfinity WiFi continues to loose connectivity, your device’s driver or firmware may need the update. These are small puzzles, but they can cause big problems. Update your router to the latest version or update your router firmware to the newest version.

The simplest way for this is to call your ISP and let it do it for you.


Connect via Ethernet


If you play regularly or participate in Zoom calls, a wired Ethernet cable is the best way to connect to the Internet. This can leave it in one place, but it will significantly improve performance. If you are connected via Ethernet and are still experiencing connectivity issues, this is most likely an issue to be resolved by your ISP.


Fix Your Device


When you have an older device, it may be impossible to stay connected to something high-tech. older devices cannot read all the waves of the newer WiFi signals. Problems can arise if your device is more than five years old.


Use A Better Ad Blocker


An advertisement can sometimes slow down your computer. The ads will do their best to grab your attention, which means they are rich in graphics. Install an ad blocker and you will be able to speed up your connection and prevent it from crashing.


Getting a better WiFi connection

Maintaining a good connection to your WiFi network can be difficult and requires some work on your part. This is not something you can accept. If you need a solid connection for work or play, it’s best not to rely on WiFi at all. Instead, it would help if you used an Ethernet cable. However, if you want (or need) to use WiFi, there are a few things you can do for a better connection:

  • If possible, move closer to your router
  • Ensure your system is updated
  • Update your router
  • Periodically unplug and reboot your router
  • Turn off bandwidth-consuming devices
  • Try restricting activities like streaming or video calls

Sometimes you have to accept that you don’t have the bandwidth you need and upgrade your plan. This can be expensive, but it will help alleviate your problems.


Another thing to keep in mind is that the issue isn’t just reserved for Xfinity. All Internet Service Providers have trouble connecting at a point. However, it will be great to try different providers if you have problems. Service is constantly changing, and sometimes another company will serve you better.


Above all, you need to watch out for “vacuum cleaners” around. If you live in an apartment, people may try to cut your connection. Change your passwords and login names regularly and see who has access. This can also help keep problems at bay.


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If your WiFi keeps crashing, you know that you are not alone and that this happens to most Xfinity users. However, if it happens usually and you can’t go through a game or zoom without connecting, you need to do something about it. Try the above methods to see if you fix the problem on your own by following the above steps. Else you always have to way to approach the professional or firm offering exclusive Xfinity WiFi keeps disconnecting fix.