Xfinity WiFi Not Working? – Fixing Guide 2022 [Easy Steps]

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How to Fix xfinity wifi not working

There is nothing more dreadful than going down the internet connection or couldn’t reach even when it is extremely required. Specifically, when you dedicatedly work on your urgent project and you have to submit a report on the same day. In such a scenario, if Xfinity WiFi Not Working or have no access to the internet, you can start pulling your hair. Furthermore, losing internet connection during a live match, a zoom meeting, or streaming a favorite show is also very painful. Luckily, there is a variety of solving tricks you can attempt to instantly fix this issue. We discuss all the possible solutions in this post. Thus, read and learn!


Why Is My Xfinity Wi-Fi Not Working?

There are several reasons responsible for Xfinity WiFi Not Working:

  • Due to a faulty router
  • DNS issues
  • Having Issues with the IP address
  • Cache storage is filled on your device
  • A loose cable may also lead to Xfinity WiFi Router Not Working problem
  • It can also be caused by misconfigured settings
  • Corrupted drivers or Wi-Fi adapter
  • Probably, you have entered an incorrect Wi-Fi network name and password.


Troubleshooting Methods To Fix Xfinity Wi-Fi Not Working

Restart your router just by turning the power off for a couple of seconds, and afterward turn it back ON. If restarting your Xfinity Gateway/modem doesn’t work to fix Xfinity WiFi Not Working problem, implement one of the following methods. Let’s begin to follow the provided troubleshooting tips accordingly:


Method 1: Reset Your Router Using Xfinity App

The steps involved are noted below:

      • First, open your “Xfinity My Account” App.
      • Select the “Internet” option.
      • Now, opt for the “Modem/Router” tab.
      • Finally, place a single tap on the “Restart This Device” option.

After successfully resetting your router, allow the router a few minutes to turn on thoroughly. Once you do so, check the device that could not connect to the network or the internet was unstable. If your device has strong internet connectivity, hurray! The Xfinity WiFi Not Working problem is been solved from the root. If the Xfinity modem is not working yet, then move to the next solution.


Method 2: Check Xfinity My Account

You can hassle-freely eliminate internet issues via Xfinity My Account App. In the below section, we will show you how:

  • First, download the Xfinity My Account App. It is available for both Android as well as Apple.
  • Now, sign in using your correct credentials. If you don’t have already an account, create it first.
  • Now, open the app and select the “Internet” option.
  • Now, choose the modem that is showing the issue.
  • For Android users, select the “Troubleshoot” option. For Apple users, select the “Restart this device” option.
  • Once you make an accurate selection as per your device, click the “Start Troubleshootingoption to begin the scan. Thereafter, wait for a moment till the app links your device for scanning, scans your system, and analyzes its performance.
  • Once the scan is done from top to toe, the following message will appear on the screen:

Restarting your device should take less than 10 minutes. This will not erase any of your settings or change your Wi-Fi name or password. If you have Xfinity Voice, we won’t restart until all in-progress calls are finished.”

  • Once you receive this message, give a click on the “Restart Device” tab.
  • After clicking on it, restarting process will begin. You will have to wait for a few minutes, and afterward, check to see if the Internet is active back.

If, in case, Xfinity Wi-Fi Router Not Working yet, or you face, “No Internet” issues, chill! There is another, solving instruction that may help in fixing the internet problem. Try it out!


Method 3: Remove Cache Stored In Your Machine

The storage of cache on your device may cause a hindrance in connecting the device to your Xfinity Wi-Fi router. Cache files or various unwanted files are anonymously generated by the computer system during its operation. Cache storage is filled on the system, especially when there is not enough memory allocated for the task. Additionally, navigating the Internet usually leaves a lot of cache data on your system. Programs that are having a large number of data collected the cache file in your system. Therefore, it is highly recommended to clear your cache in a way to solve the Xfinity Wi-Fi Not Working problem.


Method 4: Check For Power Outages

Check out the network outages as it is the major cause of Why Xfinity Wi-Fi Is Not Working problem. If network outages occur, the Wi-Fi router will show the “Connected, no internet” problem. However, it is quite impossible for us to identify why the network outage appears. So, it would always be a better idea to report a problem to Xfinity. Simply, you need to login to your Xfinity account and choose the outage map.

  • When you select the Outage Map, it displays numerous Xfinity Wi-Fi routers in your locality that have already been affected.
  • Once you finally identify the location, you can directly inform Xfinity.
  • They will then do the rest and also keep you updated about the network status from time to time.
  • Nothing you can do by your end, despite waiting for Xfinity to get it sorted out.


Method 5: Check And Ensure The Following

  • Modem Lights Are ON: You have to check if your modem and router lights are on or not. If there is no light blinking or having red light, means there are some issues with your internet connection. To fix this problem, you need to contact the Internet Service, Provider team.
  • No Cable Is Defective or Loose: Next, you have to give a serious check to all the cables of your modem or router. Make sure no cables are at fault and properly connected to your router. If there is any cable breakage, immediately change with the new one.
  • Latest Released OS Installed: Make sure that your device has the latest upgraded version of the Operating System installed. To get it out, simply go to the “Settings” menu, and click the “Software Update” option. If any updates are missing, they will install on your device.


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Contact Xfinity Support Team For One-Stop Remedy

We hope that any one of the given troubleshooting tricks will solve your Xfinity wifi Not Working problem. If the same error yet exists, don’t panic! We at Internet Homes, assist you all round the clock. You only have to do is to make a call on the provided helpline number +1-844-244-1311. In a pinch, you will be in touch with highly qualified and well-educated tech specialists. They will resolve your problem in a minute.